Longing for You Ep 4 ratings RISE AGAIN as drama sees continual audience INCREASE

Photo courtesy ENA

South Korean drama Longing for You, Episode 4 hit the airwaves last night to another ratings rise.

This time, Longing for You, Episode 4 ratings were 2.05 percent, which were up slightly from the drama’s previous episode’s 2.03 percent and is the third consecutive ratings rise since the mystery drama premiered on July 26th.

In Seoul, Longing for You also saw a slight ratings increase for its fourth episode, with the Na In Woo-led drama garnering 2.16 percent of the audience share.

That rating is a small increase over Episode 3’s 2.14 percent share.

According to Nielsen Korea, both ratings gave the ENA drama its highest ratings yet.

Considering the K-drama is also ramping up the intrigue with every new episode, it is not surprising Longing for You continues to experience higher and higher ratings as each new episode releases.

The next episode of the drama will air on August 9th at 21:00 (KST), with Viki streaming it to international audiences soon after.

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