Love Song for Illusion Episode 10 ratings get boost as international fans compliment Park Ji Hoon

Still of Park Ji Hoon courtesy KBS to illustrate the article Love Song for Illusion Episode 10 ratings

New Love Song for Illusion Episode 10 ratings show viewers still engaged with the K-drama

New audience data just released shows Love Song for Illusion Episode 10 ratings got a nice boost last night in South Korea, after the ongoing K-drama had seen a viewer drop to its all-time low rating the previous week.

Nielsen Korea’s viewership data shows Love Song for Illusion grabbing 2.1 percent of the Korean TV audience nationwide, which is an increase from Episode 11’s all-time low of 1.7 percent.

The Love Song for Illusion Episode 10 rating, however, is still half of the one the historical drama earned for its first episode, but it is a marked improvement over Episode 9’s much lower audience share.

International viewers of Love Song for Illusion still complimenting Park Ji Hoon’s performance

Outside South Korea, however, the K-drama continues to perform well with users of the Asian drama-focused site My Drama List still continuing to rate it a solid 8.1 out of 10 (a solid rating from users of the site that indicates it is well-liked).

Meanwhile over on Viki, which is streaming the Park Ji Hoon-led drama, that website’s users are still awarding the Korean drama an incredibly high rating of 9.4 stars out of 10.

A rating that has not dropped since the Korean drama premiered on January 2nd.

Comments on both sites are also still mainly positive, especially when it comes to Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji’s performances, and range from a recent My Drama List user’s:

I’ve said this before but I just like Hyun more and more. It’s usually more after reflecting on the episodes but I think Park Ji Hoon is doing a good job playing both characters but specifically with Hyun, since Hyun has to start off so reserved and insecure then has to show different aspects of growth, confidence, and vulnerability as Hyun becomes king.

I don’t know how true it is that Ji Hoon is really different from Hyun but if that’s really the case, I admire/respect that more because that’s really acting & becoming someone different.

While I don’t think he’s showing masterclass level acting, I like seeing his growth as an actor and seeing his potential.

to a Viki user, who also compliments both actors:

I passed this title by the first couple times it came on my radar until I realized Park Ji Hoon was starring in it. Ever since he set the bar so high in Weak Class Hero, I will give anything he’s in a chance.

This is the first ‘period’ production I’ve seen him in. The sets and costumes aren’t top notch, but it doesn’t matter. His performance is.

Of course, Ji Hoon puts everything he’s got into the role. While some of the side characters err on the melodramatic side of things, he doesn’t overdo it, nor does he hold back. He strikes the balance just right. He seamlessly swaps between his two personas.

Hong Ye Ji is a breath of fresh air. She’s fresh, unique, and not all cutesy. She is feminine, yet tom boyish at the same time. I really like the way she interprets her character.

On top of it all, the story is unique as well. I’m really enjoying watching it.

Love Song for Illusion is based on a Naver webtoon written and illustrated by Vanziun.

The drama stars the stellar main cast of Park Ji Hoon, Hong Ye Ji, Hwang Hee, and Ji Woo.

The next episode of the Korean drama will air tonight on KBS2 in South Korea at 10:10pm (KST), with Viki and KOCOWA streaming it around the same time in many international regions.

With the Love Song for Illusion Episode 10 ratings rising last night, let’s hope we get another rise tonight.

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