Lovely Runner Ep 11 still #1 in ratings as international fans rate it crazy high

Episode 11 of the ongoing fantasy romance drama Lovely Runner aired last night on tvN and remained in the #1 spot both nationwide and in Seoul, just as it has for most of its run.

Lovely Runner, Episode 11 also maintained its strong ratings, only dropping a tiny 0.02 percent versus its all-time high rated Episode 9.

The latest data from Nielsen Korea shows Lovely Runner, Episode 11 grabbing 4.73 percent on Monday night nationwide.

In Seoul, the K-drama performed similarly, with a higher 5.67 percent that is a slight drop from its previous episode’s all-time high rating of 5.97 percent.

In other words, Lovely Runner fans in South Korea apparently still love what they are watching.

International viewers of Lovely Runner

Viewers outside Korea are also still rating the drama incredibly high, with the folks using My Drama List (MDL) still giving it a 9.1 out of 10.

Considering their usual ratings usually hover between a 7.8 and an 8.5, and with only 10 dramas out of the thousands on the website earning over a 9.0, that is a high rating indeed.

IMDB users too are rating the K-drama a very high 9.1 out of 10.

Of course, over at Viki where Lovely Runner is streaming for international audiences, the K-drama is also still rated an incredibly high 9.8 out of 10, with almost every comment raving about how “binge worthy it is” or how it is one of “THE best dramas of 2024”.

They’re not wrong.

Lovely Runner stars the superb main leads Byeon Woo SeokĀ andĀ Kim Hye Yoon.

It airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on tvN, with Episode 12 hitting later on tonight, and its final episode scheduled to premiere on May 28th.

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