Lovely Runner Ep 10 keeps high rating while fans still in love with the K-drama

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Last night’s episode of Lovely Runner not only managed to keep the highest ever rating it had earned for its previous episode the night before, but it was also able to grow its audience in Seoul.

According to the latest numbers via Nielsen Korea, Lovely Runner, Episode 10 grabbed 4.75 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is identical to its rating for Episode 9.

In Seoul, which was already pulling in a bigger audience than the rest of South Korea, the K-drama saw its viewership grow — from an already high 5.63 percent for Episode 9, to an even higher 5.97 percent for Episode 10. Yay!

Fans comments after Lovely Runner, Episode 10

Fans are also overwhelmingly still loving Lovely Runner after Episode 10.

You can tell that by the almost 20,000 comments on My Drama List, and hardly a negative one among them. (Which if anyone visits that site regularly, you know is incredibly rare!)

The latest My Drama List comments left since Episode 10 aired again prove their undying love for this wonderful romance drama:

I’m already getting depressed thinking this beautiful drama will end in 3 weeks 😭😭, how bad I’ll miss these Lovely Runner airing days.

or one about watching every episode on regular speed:

Every ep is equally interesting … i didnt skip even a second… even in my fav kdramas i had skipped some annoying parts… this drama is gonna be my fav of my favs…i dont think i watched all eps of a kdrama at normal speed except this one (i watch all others at 1.5x)

and with one fan worrying about the next 14 years (aren’t we all?????):

Still f*cks me up that the Sol/Jae’s dating era will last for only two months because once she goes back to the future, the 2009 Sol would take over again.

This Sol is not in love with Sun Jae. That’s why Sun Jae would still be yearning for the Sol that loves him for the next 14 years (“I will be running diligently towards the 2023 you,” as per Sun Jae’s line in the preview). Their situation is as bad as star-crossed lovers. 😭 I’m scared.

Yep, there is no sign of fans still being anything but completely in love with Lovely Runner after Episode 10. As they should be.

Now let’s hope for more happiness for Sol and Sun Jae going forward, eh? Six episodes left. Ugh.

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