Lovely Runner Ep 14 hits new all-time high rating as it heads into final week

Photo courtesy tvN

With just two episodes to air before it ends, the hit tvN romance drama Lovely Runner, Episode 14 aired last night to yet another all-time high rating in South Korea.

That rating, according to Nielsen Korea, was 4.82 percent nationwide, which was an increase from Episode 13‘s 4.56 percent, and, again, made the Korean drama the #1 most-watched show of the day on cable TV.

It also likely means the final two episodes of Lovely Runner, which will air on May 27th and 28th, will likely climb over the 5.0 percent level for the first time ever.

Fingers crossed, right?

Meanwhile in Seoul, while audiences in that region did not give the Korean romance drama a new all-time high viewership on Tuesday night, they still watched it in such high numbers it earned a ratings rise from Episode 13’s 5.21 percent to last night’s 5.34 percent.

It was also the 7th episode to earn a rating higher than 5.0 percent in Seoul.

Lovely Runner stars Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon as main leads Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol alongside Song Geon and Lee Seung Hyub.

It also features a superb supporting cast that, among others, includes Jung Young Ju, Seong Byeong Sook, Song Ji Ho, Seo Hye Won, Kim Won Hae, Ahn Sang Woo, Lee Il Jun, Park Yoon Hee and Lee Chul Woo.

The Korean romance drama’s final two episodes will air next Monday and Tuesday on tvN in Korea, with Viki streaming them for its international subscribers.

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