Lykke Li’s ‘Never Gonna Love Again’ Official Video is Shocking and Sad

lykke li never gonna love again

After a three month announced hiatus from the music world, Swedish indie pop singer Lykke Li has finally released the official video for ‘Never Gonna Love Again‘ and it is everything you might expect from her — depressing and sad. Including a shock midway through the video I certainly was not expecting.

Lykke Li explained ‘Never Gonna Love Again‘ in the YouTube notes like this:

Loneliness and heartbreak follows you everywhere and they are loudest right after the lights go out and the crowds quiet. Here’s is an intimate glimpse of how it can be to live your dream whilst stuck in your dream. In the lonely wolf hour, the night becomes your stage, the stars your audience, the rain your memories.

And I read it and then I watched the video. And it’s Lykke Li, singing in her usual somber way. Singing about heartbreak, as this song and I Never Learn, the album it comes from, is all about the worst heartbreak she ever experienced.

But it’s halfway through the song when the real horror hits. And, no, I’m not going to spoil it for you. You’ll have to watch it for yourself.


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