Mac DeMarco’s ‘White Christmas’ Will Make You Woozy


Canadian singer Mac DeMarco released his version of ‘White Christmas‘ on video on Boxing Day and, if that doesn’t make you feel a bit woozy, nothing will.

Because whether it’s the slightly off-key instrumental, or because it makes me feel like I should be in Hawaii, on a beach and really really drunk while listening to it, I don’t know. Either way, it’s not something you would want to listen to if you’re expecting the usual holiday schlock. It is, however, pure Mac DeMarco, and quite fabulous in its own weird way.

Listen to Mac DeMarco’s cover of ‘White Christmas‘ below and, while you’re at it, admire the cheesy Jar Jar Binks graphics, complete with Jar Jar in a Christmas hat and draped with holiday lights.

Yep, DeMarco is a massive Star Wars fan.

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