Madonna Sings ‘Living for Love’ Live on Canal +’s ‘Le Grand Journal’ (Video)

madonna living for love live canal +


Pop icon Madonna has been on a whirlwind promotion of her 13th album ‘Rebel Heart‘ since it released a couple of weeks ago. One gig she did last week was in France at the Canal + show ‘Le Grand Journal‘ where, among other songs, Madonna sang ‘Living for Love‘ live, and gave an absolutely awesome performance.

I mean, come on, check out that staging (and on a small set as well). She even started her performance standing at the top of a set of steps – and we all know how well steps have been going for her lately with that hard fall from them at the Brit Awards a couple of weeks ago.

This performance of Madonna singing ‘Living for Love’ live? All I can say is she completely nailed it, and particularly as she’s had a rocky couple of weeks previous to it.

Watch it below, and realize this is just one of so many reasons why Madonna is the icon she is.

And for more of Madonna singing live tracks from ‘Rebel Heart‘ check out her awesome performances of ‘Ghosttown‘ and ‘Joan of Arc‘ on The Ellen Show this week. She’s rarely been better.

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