Maestra: Strings of Truth Ep 7 earns solid ratings as international viewers are overwhelmingly positive

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Maestra: Strings of Truth, Episode 7 aired on tvN in South Korea to the same solid ratings it has been garnering since Episode 1.

According to the latest data from Nielsen Korea, Episode 7 of Maestra: Strings of Truth grabbed 5.25 percent of the audience share nationwide.

That rating put it in the #1 spot in its time slot, as well as gave the Korean music-themed mystery thriller its 4th highest rating for the series so far.

Episode 7 also kicked off the second half of the 12-episode drama, with viewers still commenting as positively about it as they have been since it premiered on December 9th.

Viewer ratings for Maestra: Strings of Truth

The ratings from international viewers for the drama on IMDB have also been pretty consistent since it first began airing, with the K-drama currently being rated a solid 8.0 out of 10.

Over on My Drama List, however, Maestra: Strings of Truth ratings are slightly odd as, if you look at the rating itself it is a quite low 7.9 out of 10 but, if you read the comments, almost every one of them is extremely positive.

Several people are also complaining about the low rating.

Those comments range from:

Wow! Episode 6 was absolutely brilliant! So intense and heartbreaking. I’m actually not a fan of classic or orchestra music, but the use of those orchestra scenes intertwined with dramatic scenes really has another feeling to it than the usual OST ballads. Just awesome! Now that I caught up, I can’t wait for the next episodes!

Also after Episode 6 I’m really offended by that rating now. ­čśé This drama is amazing! This deserves at least a 8.5 as off now!

and another one:

The ratings are so untrue, (there is) not one boring moment… This drama is keeping me on my toes.

The low rating, of course, could be due to the poor behavior of the husband in the drama, as some especially younger viewers are not always mature enough to rate a drama fairly if they dislike a specific character.

With a large percentage of people currently watching the K-drama not having rated it yet though, that rating is likely to change. And, hopefully, in a good way.

Maestra: Strings of Truth stars Lee Young Ae, Lee Moo Saeng, Kim Young Jae, and Hwang Bo Reum Byeol.

Its next episode will air on tvN in South Korea tomorrow night (Sunday) at 21:20 (KST).

Disney Plus is streaming the drama in select international regions.


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