Margaret Glaspy’s ‘You And I’ Video is Quirky, Cool and Fun

margaret glaspy you and i

I always love a video that’s a little quirky and strange, and that can definitely be said for Margaret Glaspy’s ‘You And I“. The song is from her upcoming debut album Emotions and Math, and is catchy and cool, and the video is all kinds of colorful. Especially as it is Glaspy signing about breaking up with her boyfriend, in a very matter of fact sort of way. Just like a guy really.

According to Glaspy, who spoke to NPR recently, “I wrote down the idea for this video on the back of a set list. Six weeks later, I got off tour and stepped into an elaborate world created by [director] Christopher Good and his crew that was based on that scrap of paper.

In making the video, I knew that we weren’t going to make anything too directly narrative. The lyrics and meaning of the songs don’t belong to me anymore. You make records so people can have their own experience with them. It felt like a good opportunity to lighten up a bit and use my imagination visually.”

Her album Emotions and Math is due for release on June 17th. You can pre-order it now.

Meanwhile, watch Margaret Glaspy’s ‘You And I‘ below. Love it, and the song.

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