Mariette Releases ‘My Revolution’ for Stockholm Gay Pride 2016 and It’s Fabulous (Video)

mariette my revolution

As someone who was active in gay rights more than 20 years ago, I have been loving the last few years, as respect and the granting of basic human rights for gay people has grown so fast in so many countries around the world.


And to see so many openly-gay singers now carving careers for themselves is fabulous.

One such openly-gay singer is Swedish singer Mariette (aka Mariette Hansson), who has just released her latest single ‘My Revolution‘ — the official song for Stockholm Pride 2015.

My Revolution‘ is catchy, it’s sweet and it’s a worthy song to, hopefully, help even more gays feel proud of who they are. Just as they are.

As for Mariette’s own personal ‘revolution’, she told Sveriges Radio recently:

“That must still be when I came out. Where I grew up it was really non-existent, I had never heard of Pride and I knew no one who was gay.

But even though I was very worried and thought “what will everyone think”, I still found a pride there. It was my secret, something that made me special.”

Watch Mariette singing ‘My Revolution‘ live on Sweden’s Lotta på Liseberg in the video below.

Cool song, isn’t it?

As for Stockholm Pride 2016, it will be held from the 27th July to 1st August.

Hopefully we’ll get to see some amazing live performances, just like Conchita Wurst’s spectacular performance at Stockholm Pride last year. Now that was lovely.


Michelle Topham