Mark Peters and The Dark Band’s ‘Sum Of All Parts’ EP — my new obsession

Mark Peters and The Dark Band 'Sum Of All Parts' cover art

Obsessed with Mark Peters and The Dark Band’s Sum Of All Parts

Vienna-based, British-born folk pop singer songwriter Mark Peters first came to my attention a few months after I had moved to the Austrian capital, and was on the lookout for exceptional local musicians to interview for Leo Sigh.

At the time, Peters was recommended to me by another musician.

So I listened to his music, interviewed him, saw him perform live and, since then, I have been more than a bit obsessed with the music he creates.

Because every song Mark Peters writes is not only a solid piece of work, his melodies are always so addictive I am still humming them days after I hear new songs.

Mark Peters and The Dark Band’s Sum Of All Parts

Take his just-released new EP — Sum Of All Parts — released under the name Mark Peters and The Dark Band.

This four-track thing of beauty is the first project of hopefully a long-term collaboration with three other superb Vienna musicians — Fabian Natter (drums), Martin Burtscher (electric guitar) and Markus Manahl (bass). (More about the lovely lads in The Dark Band here).

Peters himself plays acoustic guitar, and sings lead vocals on the EP.

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And, while we only get four tracks on this first collaboration, Peters and the rest of the lads have made sure every track makes a big impact.

From the opening and title track ‘Sum Of All Parts‘, a song about romantic relationships and how complicated they can quickly become, to the closing track ‘Highs and Lows’ and its lovely bluesy feel, Mark Peters and The Dark Band have produced four tracks with ridiculously addictive melodies, smart, quirky lyrics, and dance-around-your-living-room beats.

And, while I love, love, love every track on the EP and have had them on constant repeat on Spotify and on my own EP copy for days, I am on my 200th listen to ‘Bone Dry‘.

And no, that is not even remotely an exaggeration.

Photo of Mark Peters and The Dark Band: Alexander Galler / Isorauschen (Thanks!!)

Because ‘Bone Dry‘ starts with the most gorgeous rasping guitar, and sweet, sweet melody, then slowly adds Peters’ almost falsetto vocals that bring emotions of yearning and enormous loss to the song.

But then the chorus bursts into one of those gorgeously addictive melodies that make you instinctively reach for the volume controls, as you want that sound so loud it works its way through your soul.

Mark Peters and The Dark Band’s Sum Of All Parts was released on January 14th, 2019 on the Audio Heart Records label.

I heard the four tracks, plus others from Peters’ wonderful debut EP Spirits, played live at Fluc in Vienna last week during the EP’s release party. And yes, these songs are just as stunning live as recorded.

If you would like to experience them live for yourself, Mark Peters and The Dark Band are currently in the midst of a 34-date concert tour of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The 20 remaining concert dates are on Mark’s Facebook page.

You can listen to Sum Of All Parts in its entirety in the Spotify widget below (and oh, isn’t it just the most addictive thing?), and watch the music video for the song ‘Sum Of All Parts‘ below that.

Thanks, Mark! And, as per usual with you, that EP is now on my list of Most Favorite Releases Ever.


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