Maroon 5’s ‘What Lovers Do’ is bland and forgettable

Maroon 5 releases ‘What Lovers Do‘ but it’s not one of their best

Pop band Maroon 5’s new song ‘What Lovers Do‘ was released today in a follow up to their last single ‘Cold‘. Both songs as well as ‘Don’t Wanna Know‘, their collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, are from the band’s upcoming sixth studio album.

What Lovers Do‘ is a collaboration with SZA and, while Maroon 5 are brilliant at what they do and have released some superb songs (remember ‘Animals‘?) with 11 number one hits on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs chart, ‘What Lovers Do‘ is sadly not one of them.

After all, it is just so bland and forgettable.

As for their upcoming new album, while there is still no title, that is now set to be released in November, with guitarist James Valentine saying it is going to be a more “traditional album” for the band and likely to be further away from the electronic sounds of the last one.

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What Lovers Do’, however, does not seem to fit that format as this definitely has electronic elements, so the direction the band has decided to go in with this new one could have changed.

Meanwhile, listen to ‘What Lovers Do‘ in the VEVO video below, or stream it on Spotify. You, of course, may think differently.

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