Marry My Husband Ep 3 ratings highest yet as international viewers give solid ratings too

Park Min Young in Marry My Husband – photo courtesy tvN

The new Park Min Young drama Marry My Husband, Episode 3 aired on tvN on Monday night to its highest ratings yet.

Both nationwide and in Seoul.

Numbers from Nielsen Korea show the drama grabbed 6.42 percent of the nationwide audience share, which is up from Episode 2’s already strong rating of 5.89 percent.

In Seoul, the Korean drama saw a similar jump, going from 6.2 percent for Episode 2 to last night’s 7.1 percent for Episode 3.

In other words, Marry My Husband is getting a ratings jump for every episode that is aired.

Not exactly a surprise though, eh?

After all, the revenge drama features an interesting plot, Park Min Young‘s typically wonderful performance, and with other main cast members Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon turning in equally excellent performances.

Response to Marry My Husband from international viewers

Marry My Husband is also being very well-received by international audiences so far.

Users of the website My Drama List are currently giving the K-drama a high (for users of that site) 8.5 out of 10, while IMDB users are rating the drama a solid 8.3 out of 10.

Comments on My Drama List are also positive from most viewers, ranging from people talking about the differences between the webtoon the drama is based on, and the drama itself:

I super duper love the deviations from webtoon, especially the ML’s story, very glad to enjoy the drama as it is. Love how the drama is unfolding and having its own life and form. Can’t wait (so long) for next episode.

to people complaining they love the drama so much, they cannot wait for the next episode to drop:

I really can’t wait for ep 4!! Arghh the waiting is torture. 😭😅

Speaking of… the next episode of Marry My Husband has just dropped on tvN in South Korea, with international viewers now being able to watch it on Amazon Prime.


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