Martin Garrix’s ‘Mistaken’ (Club Mix) slow build track is beautifully danceable

Now, I’m not remotely an electronic music fan. Or a fan of Martin Garrix (I don’t dislike him, he just doesn’t create my type of music). But I do like Martin Garrix’s ‘Mistaken‘ (Club Mix), which the Dutch DJ just released this morning.

Or, at least, this morning my time (Austria), as Martin Garrix’s ‘Mistaken‘ (Club Mix) was actually released late last night Miami time as a surprise for fans. Right as he began playing his set at the massive Ultra Miami festival.

The track was his opening piece, and comes with two different versions on digital shelves — the original, and the club version.

And, while the track has a slow but sweet build up, when it eventually gets going, ‘Mistaken’ is extremely danceable.

Martin Garrix’s ‘Mistaken’ (Club Mix) is in collaboration with  Matisse & Sadko and features vocals by Alex Aris.

Listen to the cool track below, and grab it on the usual digital music platforms. Nice.

And keep up to date on future Garrix surprises on his website.

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