‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Season 2 has 13 episodes and premieres March 8th, 2018 — Yay! (video)

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 has 13 episodes and will be premiering March 8th, 2018 on Netflix

The hugely successful Netflix series Marvel’s Jessica Jones just got a new trailer and a date for the premiere of Season 2. That will be on March 8th, 2018 when the second season of the superb superhero series will start streaming in all countries where Netflix is available. Yay!

From the looks of the trailer, Marvel’s Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter will once again be getting into loads of trouble, drinking a lot, getting arrested and all while trying to save Hell’s Kitchen.

And, while Netflix has been quite generous with the number of Marvel series there are to watch so far, with six currently available on the streaming platform, it’s Jessica Jones that has been getting the most rave reviews. The first season was even awarded a Peabody Award.

Watch the new Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer below, then start counting off the days. It’s going to be a good one.

And, if you like the trailer’s soundtrack, that is courtesy of Heart with ‘Barracuda’.

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