Matchbox 20 ‘Bent: Remember This Hit Single? – Repeat Rotation Video

matchbox 20 bent


Matchbox 20’s ‘Bent‘ was one of my favorite songs of the early 2000s. I used to play it on my headphones as I rollerbladed on Santa Monica beach early in the morning – nothing like a sunrise, a beautiful day, an empty California beach and Matchbox 20 blasting in your ears.

‘Bent’ was from the band’s ‘Mad Season’ album, and was known at the time as the band’s ‘first love song’.

So today Matchbox 20’s ‘Bent’ is my Repeat Rotation Video, just to bring back a few memories. It hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100s in July 2000, by the way. Only lasted at the number 1 spot for a week but, still……….lovely.

Listen to it below.