Max Giesinger’s ‘Nicht So Schnell’ video is low-key, mellow and thoughtful

Max Giesinger’s ‘Nicht So Schnell‘ video is low-key, mellow and thoughtful

I’ve had German singer Max Giesinger‘s CD ‘Der Junge, Der Rennt‘ on almost repeat since I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, as it really is a gem of an album.

Today, Giesinger released the official music video for his new single ‘Nicht So Schnell‘ (Not So Fast). A typical Giesinger video — low-key, dark and mellow with, in this one, the singer wandering around an almost deserted house at night and ending up on stage singing in front of an enormous audience waving lights.

Nicht So Schnell‘ itself is also typical of the tracks on Giesinger’s second studio album ‘Der Junge, Der Rennt‘.

Tracks that seem casual and easy to listen to at first but then earworm their way into your head again and again, with lyrics that are thoughtful and authentic ,and with Giesinger’s voice just so warm and lovely.

Watch Max Giesinger’s ‘Night So Schnell‘ music video below. I think you’ll like it.

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