Max Giesinger’s ‘Wenn sie tanzt’ takes me to my happy place and, yep, I’m dancing…again — Repeat Rotation Video

When I listen to Max Giesinger’s ‘Wenn sie tanzt‘, it takes me to my happy place 

Over the next few weeks, you are likely to see a lot more German language singers showing up as the artist of my Repeat Rotation Video. Why? Because I have now been living in Austria for a year, and my German is still almost non-existent. And that needs to change.

And because Germany, Austria and Switzerland have some incredible singers more people outside the German-speaking world should be made aware of.

Today’s you-should-know-this-guy German language singer and his video that became my Repeat Rotation Video this morning?

German singer Max Giesinger and a single he released in 2016 called ‘Wenn sie tanzt’ (‘When She Dances‘).

Wenn sie tanzt‘ is from Giesinger’s second studio album Der Junge, der rennt (The Boy Who Runs). The album was released in April, 2016 just in German-speaking Europe, where it made the number 17 spot on the Top German Albums list, number 27 in Switzerland and 41 in Austria.

Der Junge, der rennt included ‘Wenn sie tanzt’ and Max Giesinger’s hit single ’80 Millionen’, a single he re-released a couple of months later for the football competition UEFA Euro 2016, and one I had as my Repeat Rotation Video last year.

And I specifically love Giesinger’s ‘Wenn sie tanzt‘ not just because the song is so happy and because it fits my current mood of dancing my way through life, but the song also comes with a gorgeous accordion intro and a beautiful music video.

A video that pretty much tells you, if you dance through life and include others along with you, everything you experience will be so much better.

Watch my Repeat Rotation Video today from Max Giesinger and, like always, play it loud, with headphones and, especially with this one, dancing.

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