Max Richter ‘The Leftovers’ Soundtrack – Heart Wrenching: Repeat Rotation Video

max richter the leftovers

My brain hops from thing to thing so fast I sometimes can’t keep up. Then it stops and I get focused on something or someone for a few minutes.

Today, it’s Max Richter. Again.

The German-British composer who must be the most prolific composer alive today, with hundreds of pieces he has composed over the last couple of decades.

Some of the most beautiful piano and strings music you will ever hear, I might add.

So beautiful they will make you cry.

I got stuck on Max Richter today because a song I was listening to by another artist I love reminded me of a Max Richter collaboration, so I went off in search of Max.

That is when I stumbled across my Repeat Rotation Video(s) for today – Max Richter’s ‘The Leftovers’ soundtrack.

It’s from the HBO series “The Leftovers‘, the story of what happens when 140 million people around the world suddenly disappear in a blink of an eye, and never return.

I’m putting up ‘The Leftovers Piano Theme‘, which is stunning, but also part of ‘The Leftovers‘ soundtrack that was ripped straight from the TV episode itself, which is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

The music in that is actually part of Max Richter’s ‘November‘.

And let me tell you, I have never seen this show, but do know the story, and just listening to that music, and the sounds you hear as Kevin destroys the oven to prove his sanity isn’t unraveling like his father’s did, breaks my heart.

Listen to part of Max Richter’s “The Leftovers” soundtrack below. As always, with headphones on, loud and your eyes closed.

And, if you decide you like Max Richter, this is another one I love — a mix of a Richter piece (On the Nature of Daylight) and a song by Dinah Washington (This Bitter Earth).

One of my favorite pieces. Ever.


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