Melanie Martinez’ ‘Mad Hatter’ music video a surreal romp with rubber-faced teddy bears

Melanie Martinez’ ‘Mad Hatter‘ music video is a surreal romp with rubber-faced teddy bears

Electropop singer songwriter Melanie Martinez, and the biggest success from The Voice simply because she went independent and did much of it by herself, has just released a music video for her 2015 song ‘Mad Hatter‘.

And, in usual Melanie Martinez style, the visuals for the ‘Mad Hatter‘ video are surreal, freakish, eccentric, dark and very very cool.

Martinez’ ‘Mad Hatter‘ video sees her sitting on a bed dressed as a quirky Alice in Wonderland with her iconic two-toned hair up in ribbons, drinking a pink liquid from a bottle that says “Drink Me“.

Soon she is seeing huge living dolls with black eyes towering over her as she lies on the bed, before she reappears in a pink dream world by popping out of a huge Jack-In-A-Box.

Soon Martinez is romping through a surreal world populated with creepy 1950s vintage teddy bears with rubber faces, ripping the skin off her own face and falling into a sundae bowl on a huge dining room table and being covered in ice cream.

She is saved from being eaten by the black-eyed plastic dolls sitting around the table by the rubber-faced teddy bears that reappear, stab the dolls and rescue her.

The whole thing ends with Martinez ripping into a glazed donut as its little legs wiggly around trying to get free.

Yes, ‘Mad Hatter‘ is another typical bizzare, weird and quite freakish Melanie Martinez video, and it’s wonderful.

And to show how popular this video is going to be, it already has over 4.5 million views on YouTube and it has been up less than 24 hours. Sweet!

Mad Hatter‘ is from Martinez’ massively successful debut album Cry Baby. An album that has already spawned some pretty stunning videos including “Mrs. Potato Head and the phenomenal double music video for ‘Milk and Cookies’ and ‘Tag, You’re It.

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