Midnight Studio, Ep 4 ratings bounce back after Monday night’s tiny ratings drop

Midnight Studio ratings bounce back for Ep 4 after small ratings drop

After seeing a small ratings drop for its previous episode, likely due to new K-drama Nothing Uncovered premiering in the same time slot on Monday night, Midnight Studio, Episode 4 aired last night to a rise in ratings.

The latest numbers from Nielsen Korea show the fantasy romance drama Midnight Studio, Episode 4 rating nationwide rose from its previous episode’s 2.34 percent to last night’s 2.47 percent.

Sure it’s only a small increase, but that rating is only a hair’s breadth away from the K-drama’s highest rating yet that it earned for Episode 2 (2.50 percent), as well as shows the Korean drama is on its way back up after a small blip the day before.

In Seoul, however, the Korean drama saw a small ratings drop, falling from its previous episode’s all-time high of 2.56 percent to last night’s 2.39 percent.

Considering the drama is well-written, beautifully acted, interesting and both touching and funny, and with a superb soundtrack, in my opinion, it deserves to be watched by many more.

International ratings for Midnight Studio

After Midnight Studio, Episode 4 aired last night, the Korean drama is still receiving great ratings from international viewers.

Users of My Drama List are currently rating the K-drama an 8.1 out of 10, which is a solid rating from users of that site, while over on IMDB, Midnight Studio is currently earning a higher 8.5 out of 10.

Its best ratings, though, have been reserved for Viki, where the Korean drama is currently streaming, and where it is being given a very high 9.7 out of 10 alongside incredibly positive comments from its audience.

Midnight Studio stars Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk.

The Korean drama airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on both ENA and Genie TV, with Viki streaming each new episode for its international subscribers around the same time it airs in South Korea.


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