Miki Rose’s ‘Right There (Prod. by Giorgio Oehlers)’ Is Rich and Sweet

miki rose right there

If you want to hear something rich and soulful, with some gorgeous R&B elements and a bit of electronica thrown in, go no further than this new track from London/LA-based singer Miki Rose.


Called ‘Right There (Prod. by Giorgio Oehlers)‘, it’s so sexy and sensual, all kinds of thoughts will soon by flitting through your mind.

Miki Rose’s ‘Right There (Prod. by Giorgio Oehlers)‘ is the first single from her upcoming new four-track EP, XOXO, and it is just a lovely surprise.

Right from when her voice starts singing what you think might be a typical ever so slow soul/R&B track, which then soon morphs into something even aerier and sweeter — just gorgeous.

Listen to Miki Rose’s ‘Right There (Prod. by Giorgio Oehlers)’ in the Soundcloud widget above. You’re going to love it. And pre-order her new EP on any of the major music platforms.