Miley Cyrus Speaks Out Against Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom Law’ – You Go, Girl

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Miley Cyrus is always one to have an opinion, and state it loudly and clearly. So it’s not surprising she’s speaking out against Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom Law’. Very loudly and very clearly. And in a way her millions of fans will understand.


On her Instagram account today, Cyrus had this to say about Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’:

In honor of #transdayofvisibility say #fuckdatshit to Indianas #RFRA. It is unevolved & unjust! You may hear that this bill isn’t what the big bad liberals are making it out to be! That this isn’t a discriminatory act it is just to protect the “consciousness” of Christians!

To judge anyone for how they want to express themselves or their love to another human is WRONG no matter how these fuckers sugar coat it! THE BIBLE SAYS (if that’s what we are realllllly basing a 2015 bill on) “the way that you judge others will be the way that you will be judged” Which I hope is just as harshly and unfair as those apart of Indiana’s LGBT community! The fight for freedom isn’t over! I won’t give up!”

And sure, while Miley Cyrus is sometimes loud and clear about things that really don’t matter or, at least, only matter to her, in this case, she’s spot on.

To back up her Instagram statement about #RFRA, Cyrus also spoke to Time magazine, saying

I lived a life where I had to be something every day and had to be a character, and it wasn’t necessarily who I wanted to be. And now I’ve dedicated my life to being whoever it is that I want to be, and also constantly learning and evolving.

That’s what’s wrong with [supporters of the Indiana law]—they’re not choosing to live that way. And if you don’t choose to live that way, you’re not going to last in this generation because we are overtaking you. They are dinosaurs, and they are dying off. We are the new generation, and with that will come so much.

We are moving forward. As much as we get distracted by stupid laws that make us feel like we’re regressing, we’re not. We are moving forward because it’s our turn as young people. It’s a new rights movement

Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’, by the way, gives business owners the legal right to discriminate and refuse service to LGBTQ customers. Whether that is refusing to back a cake for a lesbian couple, or refusing to allow an openly gay or transgender person to use the bathroom in their business. For no reason except that they are LGBTQ customers.

As Miley says, this law is not ‘protection’ for religion. It’s discrimination. Pure. Simple.

Thanks, Miley. You go, girl.

Michelle Topham