Miraculous Brothers Ep 2 ratings RISE in S. Korea – coming to Viki soon

Photo courtesy JTBC

Miraculous Brothers seems to be maintaining audience interest

The mystery fantasy K-drama Miraculous Brothers, Episode 2 aired in South Korea last night garnering slightly higher ratings than its first episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, Miraculous Brothers, Episode 2 earned 3.02 percent of the audience share nationwide,which is an increase of 0.05 percent.

While that may seem a very small increase, it is actually a good indicator of audience interest as, in many cases, K-dramas tend to see falling ratings after their first episode airs as viewers decide the drama is not for them.

However, in Seoul, Miraculous Brothers, Episode 2 saw a slight fall in its rating from its previous 2.86 percent to last night’s 2.73 percent of the audience share.

That could indicate a decrease in audience interest in Seoul, although that will become clearer as new episodes of the 16-episode drama air.

Watching Miraculous Brothers outside South Korea

At the moment, it is impossible to watch Miraculous Brothers legally outside South Korea, as it does not seem to have been picked up by usual streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, etc.

That being said, Viki is currently showing the message “Coming Soon” for the drama on their website, although they don’t indicate the regions where Miraculous Brothers will stream or when its premiere will be.

They do, however, have a synopsis of the plot, which does a good job of explaining why this one could be a ‘Must Watch’.

The delay on Viki is likely due to the drama not being translated into English and other languages as yet, as the platform relies on both paid and volunteer translators to provide subtitles for their Asian dramas.

Meanwhile, Miraculous Brothers is airing in South Korea on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST).

The drama stars Jung Woo, Bae Hyun Sung, Park Yu Rim, Oh Man- Seok, and Lee Ki Woo.

Its next episode will air on JTBC Wednesday, July 5th.


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