Moby performs ‘Falling Rain and Light’ live at Apogee and it is sweet, hopeful and with a rocking guitar

Moby performs ‘Falling Rain and Light‘ live at Apogee and it is sweet and hopeful

Moby‘s 15th studio album Everything was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt was released on March 2nd on the Mute record label.

As part of the promotion for the album, Moby gave a live performance at L.A.’s Apogee Studio recently in conjunction with L.A. public radio station KCRW for their superb show Morning Becomes Eclectic. The performance included tracks from the album like ‘Falling Rain and Light‘, ‘This Wild Darkness‘ and ‘Like a Motherless Child‘, as well as several older classic Moby songs.

The track that stands out the most, however, is ‘Falling Rain and Light‘. A track Moby calls “a love song to God”, even though Moby is not remotely organized religion religious himself.

Because ‘Falling Rain and Light‘ is a track with a sweet guitar intro, hopeful lyrics, and all wrapped around one of the most addictive guitar interludes.

During the interview segment of the session, Moby was asked about ‘Falling Rain and Light‘, and he said it was a song that makes him uncomfortable to talk about.

He then went on to tell a story about offending one of the world’s most foremost atheist, who was eating in the vegan restaurant he owns recently, because he used the word God.

Moby explained, “I don’t know who God is, I don’t know what God is, I’m not religious or denominational, but I’m obsessed with God. And the way God is revealed through quantum mechanics, and puppies, and immune systems and our ability to turn oatmeal into optic nerves and fingernails. It just amazes me. So that song, ‘Falling Rain and Light‘ is essentially a love song to God.”

Since then, he thinks it may not be a good idea to talk about God. Not until he has found a ‘better word’ to describe what that means to him.

Watch Moby talking about his argument with an atheist in the video below. You can see his touching live performance of ‘Falling Rain and Light‘ at Apogee Studio in L.A. in the video below that.

And, if you enjoy the performance, KCRW has the entire lovely thing on their website.

As KCRW describes it, “the electronic music pioneer presents a view of the apocalypse with an undercurrent of beauty and a dash of hope”.

Honestly, I would say more than just a dash.

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