Modest Mouse’s ‘Lampshades on Fire’ Video, The Weirdest Video Ever?

modest mouse lampshades on fire video

Modest Mouse’s ‘Lampshades on Fire’ video is out and, man, is it the weirdest video you’ve ever seen or what?

Nothing more than just over three minutes of disjointed images that look like nothing more than shots taken in someone’s brain after they’ve gone on the most bizarre drug trip, there are people running around with white painted faces, a man wearing nothing but a body stocking and with tights on his head jumping on a bed while actress Natasha Lyonne smokes a cigarette below him, a man eating a vibrantly colored flower, another with a needle piercing his cheek and a girl waves a gun around.

Every shot is surreal, beautifully filmed and intriguingly put together to make Modest Mouse’s ‘Lampshades on Fire‘ one of the most gorgeous and most unusual music videos I’ve seen in a long time. Plus, the song is so fabulous, it’s definitely something you’ve got to watch and listen to over and over again.

Lampshades on Fire‘ is from Modest Mouse’s latest album ‘Strangers to Ourselves’.

Watch it below. And do check out Modest Mouse singing ‘Coyote’ live on CBS This Morning too. Not weird, but equally as awesome.

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