Momo’s Marrow and Libella Swing perform cool covers of Prince’s ‘Kiss’ in first ‘Uncovered’ video

Momo’s Marrow lead singer Jasmin Motamen wants to help Austrian bands get heard by new audiences

Jasmin Motamen (nickname Momo), the lead singer of Austrian soul-pop band Momo’s Marrow (formerly Momo) is someone who loves contemporary Austrian music and Austrian musicians.

Consequently, she has spent the last few years not only working hard to promote her own band, Momo’s Marrow, but also collaborating with other musicians in an effort to promote contemporary Austrian music as a whole.

Momo’s latest project in that effort is a new video series called Uncovered.

A series she is working on with members of her band, Uncovered showcases other Austrian artists (one in each video).

During the collaboration, Momo interviews the artists and then asks them to perform a cover of a popular song she has chosen.

A song her own band, Momo’s Marrow, also sings.

As she says about Uncovered:

“I want to show people how diverse and interesting music can be by presenting two covers of the same song by two different bands. Both bands bring their own style to the cover. It is also an attempt to make Austrian bands get to know each other better, and to help them get heard by new audiences.”

Momo’s Marrow and Libella Swing sing a cover of Prince’s ‘Kiss

The first video in the Uncovered series features Libella Swing — a Vienna-based jazz, pop, soul band that has been making a name for themselves on the local Vienna music scene in the last few years.

As Libella Swing describe themselves:

“Drei Sängerinnen, Piano und Percussion…mit vielfältig-kreativen Eigenkompositionen und erfrischend-jazzigen Neuinterpretationen bekannter Songs.”

which, in English, roughly translates to:

“Three singers, piano and percussion … with diverse-creative original compositions and refreshing-jazzy reinterpretations of familiar songs.”

As Libella Swing tell Momo in the short interview in their Uncovered appearance (the interview is in German, but I will include pertinent points in English here), although the three women are the lead vocalists, the band does not have a bandleader. Instead they try to make all the decisions about the band in a group consensus.

As for their music, after releasing their first album a couple of months ago, Libella Swing is already working on the second one.

Their next milestone, they say, is to find and develop their own style more and more.

After all, they started off their career as a band performing cover songs, but are now writing originals. They want to keep going with that, and see where it takes them.

Meanwhile, they add, they just want to give people a good time with their music.

Watch Momo’s short interview with Libella Swing in the first episode of her Uncovered video below. A show that includes both Momo’s Marrow and Libella Swing’s cover versions of Prince’s ‘Kiss‘.

The Momo’s Marrow version of ‘Kiss’ is elegant, soulful and rich and, I can tell you, sounds just as gorgeous live as I have heard it several times.

Libella Swing goes for a cool German-language jazz/pop version of the iconic track that is refreshing and, as tends to be their style, very expressive.

If you cannot remember what the original Prince version of ‘Kiss‘ sounded like, you will find it in that song’s original music video below.

You can learn more about Momo’s Marrow on the band’s website, …..and Libella Swing on their website.

And, of course, listen to Momo the debut EP from Momo’s Marrow (one of my favorite releases of 2017) and Libella Swing’s debut album Malineo in their respective Spotify widgets at the bottom of this article.

As for Momo’s Marrow’s Uncovered, the second episode of the series will feature Austrian indie band AprilTerz. Personally, I can hardly wait.

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