Moon in the Day Ep 12 ratings suggest loyal audience has stuck with K-drama throughout

Photo courtesy ENA

Well I was wrong yesterday when I presumed the ratings for the Korean drama Moon in the Day would remain high for the rest of its 14-episode run after Episode 11 earned its highest ever rating in Seoul.

Because no, while Moon in the Day, Episode 12 aired in South Korea last night to steady ratings nationwide, it experienced substantially falling ratings in Seoul. (Come on, Seoul viewers, what the hell?)


According to Nielsen Korea, Moon in the Day, Episode 12 earned 1.622 percent nationwide, which is comparable with its ratings for its previous episode (1.75 percent).

In Seoul, however, the K-drama’s ratings dropped substantially again from Episode 11’s all time high of 2.11 percent to last night’s 1.41 percent.

Moon in the Day‘s ratings consistent throughout its run

However, when you look at the ratings for Moon in the Day since its first episode premiered on November 1st the story is a little different.

In fact, the drama’s numbers are quite consistent throughout both nationwide, and in Seoul.

That all but proves, while there have been a couple of aberrations (a low of 1.3 percent nationwide and a low of 1.16 in Seoul — and a high of 1.97 percent nationwide and 2.11 percent in Seoul), the Korean drama has seen pretty consistent ratings throughout.

Likely proving its loyal audience has remained loyal to the drama from its first episode.

International viewers are also still rating the fantasy historical romance with solid ratings at My Drama List (8.1 out of 10), and a very high 9.6 out of 10 over at Viki, where it is streaming.

Moon in the Day stars Kim Young Dae (Sh**ting Stars), Pyo Ye Jin (Taxi Driver), and On Joo Wan.

The drama’s final two episodes will air next Wednesday and Thursday nights (13th and 14th December, 2023) on ENA in South Korea at 21:00 (KST), with Viki streaming them for international viewers.