Moon in the Day Ep 5 earns LOWEST rating of series but SUPERB K-drama should RISE from here

Pyo Ye Jin in Moon in the Day – Photo courtesy ENA

Moon in the Day ratings drop from previous episode’s

The new ENA drama Moon in the Day, Episode 5 aired on the Korean network last night to its lowest rating since the fantasy romance premiered on November 1st.

According to data from Nielsen Korea, Moon in the Day, Episode 5 earned 1.51 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is only a tiny drop from Episode 4’s 1.53 percent, but still a drop.

In Seoul, however, the K-drama experienced a small jump in its ratings, grabbing 1.40 percent of the audience, which is a slight increase from its previous episode’s rating of 1.38 percent.

Either way, though, Moon in the Day still ended up as the 5th most-watched show on cable/pay TV on Wednesday, so it is definitely still holding its own.

What is Moon in the Day, and why are its ratings likely to improve?

Moon in the Day is based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

The K-drama stars the stellar cast of Kim Young Dae (Sh**ting Stars), Pyo Ye Jin (Taxi Driver), Ohn Joo Wan (Penthouse), Jung Woong In (Chief of Staff), and Lee Kyung Young (Haechi).

The Korean drama moves backwards and forwards from the present to the past as it explores the events in a man’s past life and the retribution he demands for them in the present.

The drama is beautifully acted, gorgeously filmed, touching as well as very funny, and the chemistry between the two leads — Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin — is excellent.

Its only problem, however, is that it has taken the first three episodes for the K-drama to really find its footing, and to establish where it plans to go from here.

That alone left some viewers feeling a little adrift.

Now the K-drama has achieved that with the events of Episodes 4, as well as last night’s Episode 5, I fully expect audiences to embrace this one whole-heartedly as it really is that good.

Moon in the Day, Episode 6 will air on ENA tonight at 21:00 (KST), with Viki streaming it for international audiences.

If you enjoy a superb romantic drama that also knows when to use humor, with leads that are wonderful together, and one that features some stellar historical scenes as well, Moon in the Day should grab all your feels.

Just get through its first three episodes first.

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