Moon in the Day Ep 9 ratings on the rise – higher than previous 5 episodes

The South Korean romance drama Moon in the Day, Episode 9 aired on ENA in Korea last night with ratings that are yet again on the rise.


Those ratings, according to Nielsen Korea, were 1.66 percent nationwide, which is an increase from its previous episode’s 1.54 percent as well as higher than the K-drama’s previous five episodes.

In Seoul, the Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin-led drama performed even better, grabbing 1.83 percent of the audience share, which is up from Episode 8’s rating of 1.54 percent.

Overall, Moon in the Day has proven it can hold onto its now-loyal audience with higher ratings than Episode 1 for every new episode aired.

Except for Episode 6’s blip of 1.36 percent — the drama’s all-time lowest audience share.

When it comes to direct rivals, however, MBC’s A Good Day to Be a Dog, which aired directly opposite Moon in the Day last night earned a slightly higher 1.9 percent nationwide, but its ratings were lower than its previous episode.

Moon in the Day stars the aforementioned Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin, alongside On Joo Wan, Jung Woong In, and Lee Geung Young.

The K-drama airs on ENA every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:00 (KST).

Viki airs each new episode of Moon in the Day for international viewers soon after it airs in South Korea.

Michelle Topham