Morrissey Releases ‘Kiss Me a Lot’ Video: Cool Footage of the Man and the Band

morrissey kiss me a lot

Morrissey has just released the official ‘Kiss Me a Lot‘ video and, while the video footage of Morrissey and his band is cool, the director, Sam Esty Rayner, also chose to intersperse boring footage of lingerie models blowing kisses and modeling writing on their bodies. Which seems to be against everything he is, I’d say, and an extremely weird addition to what would have been a decent Morrissey video. Oh well.

Kiss Me a Lot‘ is from Morrissey’s latest album World Peace is None of Your Business, which is sadly no longer available digitally after he had a disagreement with his record label, Harvest, and the record was dropped. (And it is one of Morrissey’s best albums to date). The song, however, is available on iTunes

As for the man himself, Morrissey is getting ready to embark on a US tour that kicks off June 11th in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, watch the video below. Enjoy the man, and you have my permission to look away when it gets to the ridiculous lingerie models. Like I think that’s going to happen.


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