Most Beautiful Conchita Wurst Instagram Photos: So Many It’s Hard to Choose

conchita wurst in the car
Conchita Wurst – the first ‘car shot’. It’s the vulnerability in her eyes that kills you here.

Before I even get started on this, let me preface it by saying I’m probably the world’s biggest admirer of Conchita Wurst. Not only do I think she’s heart-breakingly beautiful, incredibly talented, and one of the most intelligent, focused and driven celebrities I’ve come across in years, from everything I’ve watched and read (and it’s tons!), she’s also screamingly funny, kind-hearted and a genuinely warm and nice person.

Currently living in Asia, I am also almost ashamed to admit I hadn’t heard of Conchita Wurst until her victory at Eurovision Song Contest 2014 last month but, after her heart-slamming performance on stage and her subsequent falling apart reactions to the final voting completely knocked me sideways, I had to find out more.

Hours later, I was the newest and most enthusiastic lover of all things Wurst and was soon scouring the internet for everything I could find about this lovely Austrian goddess.

That’s when I discovered Conchita Wurst’s Instagram account and, let me tell you, it’s a beauty to behold.

Conchita Wurst strike that pose
Striking a pose doesn’t come difficult for this girl

That’s because, beyond everything else that’s already amazing about Conchita Wurst, she also has an innate sense of exactly what kind of image she wants to portray in every photo she puts up. And she nails that ‘image’ perfectly every time.

Sure, while other celebrities showcase loads of photos of family and friends, most of Conchita Wurst’s Instagram photos are ‘selfies’ (on her Twitter account as well), but that’s what many of her fans are looking for.

That they are also works of art in their own right, however, adds to the appeal.

Conchita Wurst perfect light
She understands how light makes or destroys an image – this one is perfect.

So……..I’ve grabbed five Conchita Wurst Instagram photos to prove my point (sorry, Conchita, but they’re simply too lovely to resist – Besides, you stole my heart, so I’m thieving right back!), and to show the sheer genius of Conchita Wurst – one I fully expect to see bloom even more as the spotlight on this woman, one of the 21st century’s so far most fascinating people, continues to grow.

Now tell me these aren’t lovely, and then I’ll laugh with you as you rush off to find more.

Update: And don’t miss Conchita’s best Instagram photos of 2015. They’re even better.

Conchita Wurst Thomas Kirchgrabner pants
Other than that these Thomas Kirchgrabner pants are the most perfect I’ve ever seen, Conchita Wurst absolutely rocks them. Sensuality, vulnerability and artistry – all in one shot.
Conchita Wurst the eyes have it
Again, the light. And have you ever seen more beautiful eyes? And aren’t you desperate to know what’s going on in that head of hers?


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