Muse Releasing New Album ‘Drones’ on June 8: New Single ‘Dead Inside’ March 23rd



The amazing British rock band Muse has just announced they will soon have a new album out (Praise, God), as well as a new single hitting soon. The album, to be called ‘Drones‘, is due for release on June 8th, 2015.

And, yesterday, there was a bit of a kerfuffle as iTunes briefly leaked the artwork for ‘Drones’ with a pre-order for the album by mistake. A wrong soon righted by the band themselves, who approved the release with an upload of it on their official Instagram account. (See above – and isn’t that the coolest image you’ve seen in a while?).

As far as the first single from the album, that will be coming out on March 23rd and is called ‘Dead Inside‘. But, before that hits, we may also get some other album tracks on Muse’s YouTube channel, according to the band.

As for the track listing for ‘Drones‘, it looks like this:

1. Dead Inside

2. Drill Sergeant

3. Psycho

4. Mercy

5. Reapers

6. The Handler

7. JFK

8. Defector

9. Revolt

10. Aftermath

11. The Globalist

12. Drones

Until then, if you haven’t been listening to Muse for a while, check out this awesome live version of ‘Futurism‘ from Muse in concert at Zepp Tokyo. Now aren’t you desperate to hear ‘Drones‘?

And, of course, pre-order ‘Drones as soon as it becomes available (again) at iTunes.


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