My Dearest Ep 2 ratings DROP both nationwide and in Seoul, but still STRONG

The new historical drama My Dearest, Episode 2 aired in South Korea last night with a ratings drop compared to its first episode.

As that is pretty typical for most dramas, which tend to drop in ratings after their first episode as some people decide the new series is not for them, it is obviously nothing to worry about for the cast and production crew of My Dearest.

Especially as last night’s ratings, even with a fall from the previous episode’s, were still quite strong.

According to Nielsen Korea, My Dearest, Episode 2 earned 4.3 percent of the ratings nationwide, which is down from 5.4 percent for its first episode.

In Seoul, the episode garnered a slightly higher 4.4 percent audience share, which is down from 5.4 percent for Episode 1.

My Dearest stars Namkoong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, Lee Hak Joo, Lee Da In, and Kim Yun Woo.

The drama is airing on MBC TV every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 (KST), with Viki streaming each new episode for international viewers around the same time.

The next episode in the drama will air on August 11th.


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