My Demon Ep 11 rating falls slightly as K-drama still one of biggest hits on Netflix

Photo courtesy SBS

While the K-drama My Demon is one of the most popular shows on Netflix worldwide, its ratings on SBS in South Korea have never really risen above that of its first episode.

Since Episode 9, they have been falling.

That fall continued on Friday night in South Korea, with the ratings for My Demon, Episode 11 dropping very slightly from its previous episode — from 3.8 percent to tonight’s 3.7 percent.

That fall, of course, could be due to the K-drama taking a week off the weekend of December 30th and 31st, and viewers becoming confused as to when Episode 11 would air.

Then again, with My Demon being a massive worldwide hit on Netflix, and that includes in South Korea, it is doubtful the cast and crew are devastated at their home country’s ratings.

My Demon going gangbusters on Netflix since first episode premiered

Just to prove (again) how well My Demon has performed internationally, the Korean romance drama premiered on November 24th on Netflix and, by November 26th, just two days after its release, it was already the 4th most-watched non-English TV show on the platform.

The following week (the week of November 27th to December 3rd), the Korean drama had jumped to the 2nd most-watched TV show.

It has since spent the next four weeks on the same Top 10 chart as well.

Viewers are also continuing to leave solid ratings on various drama-based platforms, including on My Drama List and on IMDB, just as they have from its very first episode.

Proving the Korean drama is likely to maintain its international audience throughout its 16-episode run.

In other words, with My Demon performing so well on Netflix and with millions of international fans seemingly so obsessed with it, the K-drama’s performance on SBS really is secondary.

My Demon stars Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung, with its next episode airing on SBS and Netflix tomorrow night (January 6th, 2024).

Let’s see how well its rating fares then.


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