My Demon Ep 8 ratings back up to all-time high – international viewers still loving it!

Song Kang in My Demon courtesy SBS

The Korean drama My Demon, Episode 8 ratings are out and, as expected, they are back up to the drama’s all-time high nationwide.

The latest data from Nielsen Korea shows My Demon, Episode 8 earned 4.7 percent of the audience share nationwide last night.

That is a .20 percent increase from its previous episode and back up to the all-time high the K-drama earned for Episode 6.

The SBS drama also earned an even higher 5.0 percent share of the audience in Seoul, although that was a slight drop from its previous episode’s 5.2 percent.

My Demon has now finished its first half, with the second half of its planned 16-episode run beginning on December 22nd.

International viewers still loving My Demon

Meanwhile, the drama is still performing well overseas with a current #3 position on the Netflix Top 10 Most-Watched Non-English TV Shows chart, while users over at My Drama List are still ranking it a very high (for that site) 8.7 out of 10.

Comments about the K-drama on the site also range from:

I’m too much addicted. Repeated ep 8 many times. And Have been watching every YT shorts of demon couple. They are the best couple in k-drama.


My god, this show is addictive. i started it late thinking i’ll stop at ep 4 and wait until few more eps will be released but NAH, ENDED UP BINGING ALL THE EPS UNTIL EP 8 IN ONE DAY. I’M A SIMP

Yep, fans love this drama and, if you are watching it, it is obvious why.

My Demon stars Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung in the lead roles.

The Korean romance drama airs every Friday and Saturday night on SBS, with Netflix streaming it internationally soon after.

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