My First Story’s ‘I’m a Mess’ one-take performance on The First Take is darned COOL

My First Story performs superb live version of ‘I’m a Mess‘ in one take

The Sony Japan-owned YouTube channel The First Take has another cool one-take music video up today.

This time featuring the four-member Japanese rock band My First Story, who also made their first appearance on The First Take.

As the band’s lead singer Hiroki Moriuchi and drummer Shōhei Sasaki admitted before they began performing, yep, they were a little nervous.

Not that they needed to be as, right from the beginning as Hiroki (known as ‘Hiro’ by fans) started to sing with his fabulously husky voice, you just knew this one would be stellar.

The track the band chose to perform live in a one-take was My First Story’s ‘I’m a Mess‘, which was one of the songs from the band’s seventh studio album X.

An album that was released in August, 2022 on the Intact Records imprint. and which hit #6 on the Oricon Albums chart.

Prior to its release though, My First Story’s ‘I’m a Mess‘ had already garnered quite a lot of attention after it went viral on Tik Tok.

Look out for more live music from My First Story via The First Take

With My First Story’s first appearance on The First Take going so well then, chances are the band will be back a few months down the road for another go at it.

Meanwhile, look out for a second song from the Japanese rock band to be released on The First Take’s channel in the next week or so, as every artist who appears on the channel performs at least two tracks.

Watch My First Story perform ‘I’m a Mess‘ live on The First Take down below, then listen to the recorded version of the same track via Spotify down there as well.

You can learn more about the band themselves via their official website.

Meanwhile, if you are in Japan and would like to see My First Story perform live, one of their next appearances will be at the Rock in Japan Festival on August 12th in Chiba City.

Listen to more fabulous one-take music from artists on The First Take on Leo Sigh.


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