My Lovely Liar Ep 11 audience share SOLID with just 5 episodes left to air

Photo courtesy tvN

The South Korean romance drama My Lovely Liar, Episode 11 aired last night to the same solid audience share it has received throughout its run so far.

Figures from Nielsen Korea show My Lovely Liar, Episode 11 earned 2.35 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is just slightly above its lowest ever rating (Episode 9) and pretty consistent with the drama’s ratings for most episodes

In Seoul, Episode 11 of the Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun-led drama grabbed a lower 2.29 percent audience share, which is quite a bit lower than its previous episode’s rating of 2.93 percent, and close to its lowest ever rating of 2.20 percent (Episode 1).

What these numbers show is that, while My Lovely Liar seems to be quite popular in the west, at least according to ratings on My Drama List (where it is rated an 8.6 out of 10) and on Viki (where it is rated a crazy high and unbelievable 9.7 out of 10), the drama has struggled throughout its entire season to find much of an audience in Korea.

The next episode of My Lovely Liar will air tonight on tvN at 20:50 (KST), and then stream via Viki for international viewers soon after.

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