My Morning Jacket’s Jim James’ new single ‘Just A Fool’ is wild, electric and 80’s-tinged. I love it

Jim James’ new lead single ‘Just A Fool‘ is wild, electric and 80’s-tinged, and I love it

Jim James, lead singer of indie rock band My Morning Jacket, has just announced his third solo album, Uniform Distortion, will be hitting shelves on June 29th on the ATO Records label. The announcement about the album also came with a music video for a lead single called ‘Just A Fool‘.

A single that has a cool 80’s guitar-feel to it, sounds upbeat even though the lyrics are dark, and may just become your new anthem if, like most of us, you have ever been made to feel like a fool by someone else.

According to James, he wrote ‘Just A Fool‘ because:

everyone has been called a fool at some point in their lives – sometimes well deserved and other times not at all. i suppose this song is a sarcastic “fuck off” to anyone who ever degrades or makes another person feel a fool when they did not deserve it or just needed help, while at the same time it is an acceptance of the times i HAVE been a fool, and a hope that i can learn from those mistakes or bad ways of living and make a better life.

Hey, I can relate to that. How about you?

Uniform Distortion follows on from Jim James’ Eternally Even album, released in November, 2016, and will have some pretty iconic cover art.

That will come in the form of Duane Michals’ famous’ ‘Illuminated Man‘ photograph, that is definitely going to make that album stand out.

The album itself was produced by James and Kevin Ratterman at Louisville’s La La Land studio.

Now watch Jim James’ ‘Just A Fool‘ video below and luxuriate in that wild guitar riff. And if you love James and his fabulous band, listen to My Morning Jacket’s ‘Tropics (Erase Traces) from the Elementary ‘head shaving’ scene. It illustrates impending doom perfectly.

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