My Perfect Stranger Ep 7 in #1 SPOT for Mon-Tues dramas with INCREASE in ratings

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My Perfect Stranger, Episode 7 ratings put drama in #1 spot for Monday-Tuesday dramas

The South Korean mystery romance drama My Perfect Stranger, Episode 7 aired last night on KBS2 in South Korea and, after an all-time ratings low just two episodes previous, the drama is apparently on its way back up.

So much so, it placed in the #1 spot for Monday-Tuesday dramas.

According to Nielsen Korea, My Perfect Stranger, Episode 7 earned 4.2 percent of the nationwide audience.

In Seoul, the fantasy drama’s audience share also increased to an even higher 4.5 percent audience share.

Both of those numbers are a nice increase over its previous episode — with My Perfect Stranger, Episode 7 earning a .2 percent audience share increase nationwide and a much higher .8 percent increase in Seoul from the drama’s sixth episode ratings.

Almost half way through its run, there is also still plenty of time for the drama to continue to increase its audience.

The K-drama My Perfect Stranger facts

With the Korean drama hitting its mid-way point after tonight’s upcoming episode airs, let’s do a quick recap of some My Perfect Stranger facts.

My Perfect Stranger stars the eternally busy (at least this year) Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo.

The drama premiered on May 1st on KBS2 to its highest ratings yet nationwide, and second-highest ratings in Seoul.

It is also a drama that apparently had some problems before it began to air, as My Perfect Stranger was initially scheduled to premiere in January, 2023.

It was then later announced it would start airing in May instead.

Whatever those problems were, however, they were obviously fixed, as My Perfect Stranger has turned out to be one of the most interesting dramas to air this season.

You can watch the next episode of My Perfect Stranger (aka 어쩌다 마주친, 그대 in Korean) via KBS2 in South Korea at 21:50 (KST) tonight.

Outside South Korea, the drama is streaming via Viki and Kocowa depending on your region.

And, if you missed last night’s My Perfect Stranger, Episode 7, those streaming platforms are already carrying it.


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