Mystique’s ‘Brand New’ Should Be a Summer Club Hit (Video)

mystique brand new

Mystique’s ‘Brand New’ is an awesome club track

Belgian DJ and music producer Mystique’s latest single ‘Brand New’ has been playing around the European clubs this spring and, so far, it’s grabbed more than a million listens on Spotify as well.

Brand New‘ is an odd one. To me, it’s one of those tracks you either love or despise. (I haven’t made up my mind yet which way I’m going, although I do love its danceability). To create it, Mystique has used samples from The Stylistics’ hit ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New‘, sped it up, jazzed it up, added to it and mixed it and, ya, there ya go, it’s now ‘Brand New‘.

I am, however, absolutely sure I like Mystique’s official video for ‘Brand New‘, as it was filmed on Ibiza and showcases the Ibizan party scene which, as anyone who has been there knows, is amazing. And I’m also sure ‘Brand New‘ is likely to be featured in clubs all over Europe this summer, as it is a great dance track.

Watch it below, while I keep playing it to try to make up my mind.


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