National Health Service Choir Hits UK Number 1 With Powerful Song (and Video)

national health service choir bridge over

It wouldn’t be Christmas if an usual song hadn’t made it to the top of the UK music charts. This year it’s the National Health Service Choir that has hit the number 1 spot in the UK with their powerful single ‘A Bridge Over You‘ — a mash-up of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You‘ and Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘.

And what makes the National Health Service Choir hitting the number 1 spot so completely fabulous is it’s a song that has been pushed on social media by Brits who want more attention to be paid to the slow stripping away of the NHS by David Cameron and his cronies. Having the National Health Service Choir get to number 1 is a wonderful way of doing it.

And to make it even better, the NHS Choir beat Justin Bieber to the number 1 spot — although, to give him his due, Bieber supported the song over the last few days saying it deserved to be at number 1 over him.

As for the track itself, the NHS Choir has already said all proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Carers UK, Mind, and various small charities.

You can keep up with the campaign even after Christmas on its Facebook page, and find out more about why the choir got together to do what they have done on the Official Charts website.


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