Netflix confirms Weak Hero Class 2 licensed with new cast and some returning characters

After industry rumors over the last few days about Korean drama Weak Hero Class 1, Season 2 coming to Netflix, the world’s largest streaming platform has now confirmed just that.


According to the Netflix Korea X account, Weak Hero Class 2 (tentative title) has been licensed for the streaming platform, with Netflix KR also releasing cast photos with the comment “A brilliant growth story that is not over yet“.

That new cast is Park Ji Hoon, Ryeoun, Choi Min Yeong, Yoo Su Bin, Bae Na Ra, Lee Jae Min, and Lee Jun Young.

The same production team that worked on Weak Hero Class 1 when the K-drama was a Wavve original will also return for Season 2, but this time under the Netflix umbrella.

Why is most of Weak Hero Class 2 cast new?

Some Weak Hero Class 1 fans, of course, will be unhappy due to the drastic cast changes.

The new cast members for Weak Hero Class 2, however, are due to protagonist Yeon Si Eun (played by Park Si Hoon) transferring to a new school, and having to make new friends as well as protect them from the same brand of bully he dealt with in Season 1.

We will see the return of Yoo Su Bin though, who will reprise his role as bully Choi Hyo Man.

Meanwhile, there is no word yet on when Weak Hero Class 2 will premiere on Netflix, or if its prequel Weak Hero Class 1 will also be available on the platform.

It will obviously depend on the licensing agreement with Wavve, but fingers crossed the world’s biggest streaming platform will get both seasons.

Otherwise, Weak Hero Class 2 may require an extensive introduction filmed so that Netflix viewers new to the K-drama will really understand the beauty of Yeon Si Eun’s growth.

Now here is a reminder of just how bloody good Weak Hero Class 1 was, and what you can expect in Weak Hero Class 2 when it arrives on Netflix.


Michelle Topham