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Netflix to Release Official ‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack — Yay!

stranger things netflix graphic

If you have been addicted to ‘Stranger Things‘, the creepy newly released Netflix drama, you have probably also been loving the classic rock songs that fill the soundtrack of the series.

According to Netflix, so have many other people. In fact, so much so, the streaming entertainment service just announced on Twitter this week that an official ‘Stranger Things‘ soundtrack will be coming soon. Yay!

This should include tracks like Jefferson Airplane’s ‘She Has Funny Cars‘, Toto’s ‘Africa‘ and Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere‘. Now that’s a soundtrack I will definitely be grabbing.

No news yet as to exactly when we can expect to see it, but I’m guessing it won’t be long. I’ll keep you posted on its release date, just in case you would like it too.

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