New Astrid S song ‘Someone New’ is darker than it sounds, but still addictive

New Astrid S song ‘Someone New‘ sounds sweet and poppy but…it’s not so much

Norwegian singer songwriter Astrid S, aka Astrid Smeplass, has just released another new single — her third in just three months.

Called ‘Someone New‘, the song was co-written with Charli XCX, and is a follow up to her 2018 singles ‘Emotion‘ and ‘Closer‘.

And, while the music sounds light, poppy and is charmingly addictive, the lyrics are quite a bit darker.

Talking as they do about the person she is still in love with. A person who has already moved on, and is now thinking about someone new, while she herself can’t seem to let go.

The new Astrid S track also comes with a simple but cool lyric video, with the 22-year-old singer using SMS messaging, Instagram notifications and Whatsapp messages on her phone to show off the song’s lyrics.

2019 is also supposed to be the year we finally get Astrid S’s long-awaited debut studio album.

With the release of a steady stream of singles since early November last year, it is certainly beginning to seem like that date is coming fast.

Until it does, check out the new Astrid S song ‘Someone New‘ and its lyric video below.

You can keep up to date with release information on her website.

And yes, she is excited about this new track!!

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