New Dead Man posters released – Cho Jin Woong film due out in February

Cho Jin Woong‘s upcoming film Dead Man got two more posters this week (see below) featuring the South Korean actor as lead Lee Man Jae — a business man who decides to retire so that he can spend more time with his soon-to-be-born child.


Unfortunately for Man Jae, he gets caught up in a scheme where he is wrongfully accused of embezzling more than 100 billion won, and soon finds himself being held captive in prison.

Then along comes mysterious consultant Shim Sa Sa (played by Kim Hee Ae), who promises him she can get him out of prison if he agrees to her deal, while offering his own life as collateral.

It is now up to Man Jae to navigate the dark world he is trapped in, so that he no longer has to live his life as a ‘dead man’.

The first of the newly released Dead Man posters show a disheveled-looking Cho Jin Woong clutching a briefcase and surrounded by desk nameplates.

The second Dead Man poster shows Cho Jin Woong as Lee Man Jae holding a dojang or name stamp.

Dead Man (titled 데드맨 in South Korea) directed by Ha Joon Won (The Host), and also stars Lee Soo Kyung and Han Dong Gyu.

As the newly released Dead Man posters show, the film is due to premiere in South Korea on February 7th, 2024.