New Fleurie, Diehl and Ruslan collaboration ‘Take Me With You’ is the prettiest song

New Fleurie, Diehl and Ruslan collaboration ‘Take Me With You‘ is the prettiest song

The fabulous Nashville based indie singer songwriter Fleurie has just released a new song — ‘Take Me With You‘.

The song is a collaboration with singer songwriter Dalton Diehl (aka Young Brother), and producer and songwriter Ruslan (Odnoralov), and the trio has come up with one of the prettiest songs you will have heard in a while.

Because ‘Take Me With You‘ has a gorgeous piano-based melody, the sweetest violin and, of course, Fleurie’s whispery soft vocals alongside Dalton Diehl’s crystal clear voice. All together, they create something really beautiful.

According to Fleurie, the song was written by the trio over two years ago, but then sat there until they felt the song was ready and the time was right.

Now it is and, so this week, Fleurie, Dalton Diehl and Ruslan released ‘Take Me With You‘.

And you? You should really listen to it.

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