New ‘Missing Crown Prince’ poster revealed – Joseon drama out in March on MBN

In anticipation of the upcoming MBN drama Missing Crown Prince, a new poster has been revealed that hints at the intriguing plot while spotlighting some of the characters in it,

Character Portraits: Royal Intrigue Unveiled


Front and center in the new Missing Crown Prince poster stands Crown Prince Lee Geon (played by Suho), radiating regal charm in his deep blue ornately embroidered robe as he stares fixedly at you.

Likely vowing to live his own life, and not to be trapped in a fate he does not want.

To his left of Lee Geon is Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji).

She dons an almost arrogant expression as she contemplates how she will kidnap her intended husband, and where they will go when she does.

At the top left of the new Missing Crown Prince poster, Queen Min Soo Ryun (Myung Se Bin) is dressed in a burgundy even more ornately designed robe than the Crown Prince, while she looks down as if contemplating what she can do to stop the events about to happen.

Next to her, in the top right corner is Choi Myung Yoon’s father Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Heon).

He appears to be one of the most powerful people in the group as his gaze seems to say he will do what it takes to make sure his will is not defied.


Missing Crown Prince poster featuring the five main characters


Finally, Prince Dosung (Kim Min Kyu) seems to be a much quieter and more introverted member of the royal family, with his gaze suggesting he has many secrets he does not want to divulge.

All five together create an impression of a story that will be both gripping and intriguing.

The plot, however, is being sold as a rom-com, so the K-drama may not be quite as serious as it appears from the poster.

Missing Crown Prince An Intriguing Premise

Following the success of Bossam: Steal the Fate, MBN has produced the upcoming spin-off Missing Crown Prince.

Penned by Kim Ji Soo and Park Chul, the same masterminds behind the original series, prepare to be swept away by their storytelling prowess once again.

In the case of their latest drama, embark on a journey to the Joseon era with the upcoming K-drama Missing Crown Prince, where romance intertwines with political intrigue.

The MBN drama unfolds as a crown prince finds himself abducted by the very woman destined to be his bride.

Amidst the chaos of evading capture, love blossoms unexpectedly between them, promising a captivating tale of forbidden romance.

Prepare for a Royal Adventure

As the main poster of Missing Crown Prince unveils its main characters, audiences are invited to immerse themselves in a world of royal intrigue, romance, and betrayal.

The 20-episode drama itself, which is also known as The Crown Prince has Disappeared, is due to premiere on MBN on March 9th, and will air every Saturday and Sunday evening from then on.

There is no word yet as to which platform will stream it outside South Korea. We will update you as soon as we find out.