New Squid Game 2 stills have Lee Jung Jae looking for revenge while Lee Byung Hun reveals more of himself

Catch a thrilling sneak peek of the original Netflix drama series Squid Game, Season 2 with four exclusive stills Netflix just dropped this week promoting its much-anticipated second season.

In the upcoming Squid Game 2, Sung Ki Hoon (masterfully played by Lee Jung Jae) makes a life-altering decision after almost boarding a plane to the U.S.

Instead, he decides to put off reuniting with his daughter in America and, instead, opts to pursue revenge for the atrocities he witnessed during the lethal game he triumphed in during Season 1.


Alongside the central character Ki Hoon, the newly unveiled stills offer a tantalizing glimpse of the mysterious “Front Man” (played by Lee Byung Hun), who shot his own brother and is now unmasked and a main character in Season 2.

That reality alone means we get to see a lot more Lee Byung Hun in the K-drama’s new season, and I’ve gotta say I’m definitely down for that.

How about you?

Salesman (Gong Yoo), who initially recruited Ki Hoon in the debut season, also makes an unwelcome appearance in the new Squid Game 2 stills. (below)

This time holding a gun and looking a heckuva lot happier than Sung Gi Hoon, who he faces across a table.

Adding to the intrigue, in the fourth still, a fresh face enters the fray with a new character brought to life by Park Gyu Young apparently being recruited as a fresh contestant for the Squid Game.

She stares down at the game’s square, triangle and circle, seemingly trying to make up her mind what she wants to do.

Although, from the still, we can’t say she looks too thrilled about any of it.

Enjoy the new Squid Game 2 stills above and below, and prepare for the pulse-pounding return of Squid Game 2, which is slated to premiere sometime before the end of 2024.

Remember too, due to the massive success of the first season, Squid Game 2 is likely to be even more lavish and bizarre than Season 1 due to there being a lot more money available for production.

In other words, what we got during Season 1 may be massively overshadowed by Season 2.

Then again, Squid Game is Netflix’s most successful drama ever, and they will want to make sure it stays that way.

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